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Problem (Part 4)

It had been weeks since the last exam. (And hearing Caest's scream over and over again). But today is different. It's not a busy day, so everyone decided to go out to a mall after the school ends.

Caest WILL participate, of course, since he's a kind of guy who will never misses such thing.
Reis? She decided to come after seeing how Caest really want her to come along.

It was one fine day. Even Frigid decided to tag along. The group walked around for a little while inside the recently opened 'FullMoonMall'. The interior was very beautiful. Not because the ornaments and all, but because the structure itself. The beauty of the mall's building was very undescribable.

At least for Caest.

"C'mon Caest!! What's so good with that angel statue???" asked Roy, one of their classmates.
"But the flawless curves!!! It beamed into my eyes!!" said Caest with a sparkling eyes.
"Stupid maniac.." hummed Frigid. Now he really regret coming along with them.
"Really..." sighed Reis. "You never learn, huh?"

Caest seemed irritated. He stared at Reis for a split second and he made his mouth showing a big, sarcastic grin.
They passed some stores just a while back, and Anne (another classmate) insisted to go to the boutique, so they decided to stop by.

The inside wasn't very interesting for the boys, so they sit at the nearby cafe, awaiting the girls to finish their business.

After that, they continued to walk around aimlessly.


"Where's Reis?" asked Caest, getting tired of waiting.

"I dunno, maybe she's still inside?" replied Anne. Apparently, Reis has not yet to come back from the toilet. And now she's making everyone sick of waiting.

"I'm getting a bad feeling about this.." said Frigid, opening his mouth for the first time. (Actually, not the first time, but technically, yes.)

It was not so long after that they heard a scream. And on top of it, Reis' scream.
Caest gasped, and ran to the toilet, Frigid and the others followed him swiftly, and eventually reached the toilet.

"Let me go you scum!!" screamed Reis, swinging her arms randomly until it hit one of the culprit who held her hands with a big and evil smirk. "Serves you right!' and she slapped his cheek. "I'm not done!!" said Reis as she slammed her handbag (full of random things) to his face.

Caest rolled his eyes. "She doesn't even need our help to begin with, so why did she scream so much??" and he stepped back a little, avoiding 'Reis handbag slam attack'.

"You should always keep an eye on lady's back, you know.." said Frigid with an unbelievably calm face. (And he was so panicked just a few moments ago...)

Reis hadn't finished yet. She grabbed the man's shirt and forced his head to the wall, then she punch his stomach, launched a somersault, and a mid-air-kicking-phoenix attack. (Whatever it is, even I myself don't know it)

"Now take that!!" Reis tackled the poor man and launched a 7-ways-slap-hit-slam-uppercut-kick-elbow-combo; rendering the man~(you DON'T want to know. I'm sure of it. So don't ask)

"That's what you'll get for attacking an innocent, pure, and charming lady like me!!" said Reis finally, after the 'enemy' was knocked out. She wiped her sweat with a 100% hygiene tissue and re-do her minimalist makeup.

"Umm....To tell you the truth, I don't think an 'innocent, pure, and charming lady' would attack someone THAT badly.." mumbled Caest with a very low tone so that Reis couldn't hear it. Who knows what will she do if she DID hear it?

"CAEST." Reis glared at him.
"Y-y-y-y-yy-y-y-yess?" replied Caest after gathering his small amount of energy.
Reis stare trough Caest's eyes.
Caest was there.
Reis was there.
Reis was staring at him.
Caest was scared of her.

Reis grinned. "Let's go the the KARAOKE!!"

Selasa, 24 Februari 2009

Notification..I guess

I realized ( I really do) that you can't post any comment at my blog, so if you want to give me any, please do so via email ( pp_rollz_rap@yahoo.com) or by my friendster (search by that email too)

I'm not forcing you to do anything at all.
If you'll excuse me then....I'll work on my newest post..


Kamis, 19 Februari 2009

About Frigid..(Part 3)

Still about one of them, Frigid is especially talented and (just like his name) cold. He never had any friends before, until he met Reis and Caest. But even that silly dream had already turned to gray. Even if he really wants it. Even if he really wants 'Friendship'.

A week after that deadly exam results was posted, Frigid discovered something new. He realized that some of the freshmen, who managed to follow him home, was deeply in love with him. I know this sounds so ~(URRGH)~, but Frigid was the apathy type to begin with.

Right after the club activity (Frigid joined the Music club and he plays guitar), he heard some footsteps were following his pace while he was walking near the market row. Right afterthat, using the mirrors at some store, Frigid discovered about his stalker: some freshmen that he recognized as Manna, Lanna, Anna, and Hanna. They formed some group named M-L--A-H or something, and as he remembers, he found out that they were causing him some troubles.

Can you believe it? He was--sorry-- IS a senior classmen and they spilled some chocolate on his shirt! He knew it was on purpose even though they pleaded and apologized so much that they caused a big drama on the corridor, but still--

"Could you stop following me?" uttered Frigid with his absolute-zero-like words.
M-L--A-H ran towards him and greeted him like any freshmen should do, and they started mumbling at each other's faces.

"She wanted to follow you so--" said Manna
"No! She wanted to be your girlfrie--" Lanna snarled.
"Absolutely not! She wanted to give you--" denied Anna.
"Not like she wanted to kiss you so muc--" claimed Hanna.

"Shut--" Frigid stared at them. "--Up." (Frigid Super Ultra Chilling Cold Stare Attack!!!)

The four of them nodded like an obedient puppy. Their eyes sparkled so much because of the excitement being stared by Frigid.

Seriously, now Frigid kinda regrets why he left Caest and Reis a couple of months ago.

"But I wanna be your--"
"No!! I shoulda've been--"
"It is me that match to--"
"Absurd!! Of course it's--"

Tired of the silly conversation (or arguments?), Frigid walked home alone, leaving the four of them behind. This time, it's not just him who stared at them, it's almost the whole market row. Haven't they realized that they were talking right in front of somebody else's store???

Seriously...This time, Frigid sighed. If only he could reverse time so he didn't do that absolutely-good-for-nothing mistake, he would be a normal student, without this burden onhis back.

Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

How they arGue...(part 2)

Reis sighed unwillingly. She might be friend of Caest and (former friend of) Frigid, but that does not makes her special. She might be beautiful, pure genius, and kind to everyone, but she can't hide her biggest weak point: She can get emotional sometimes.

It is one fine day after the exam, and Caest sighed right in front of her face (resulting one slap to the sigher). Of course IT'S rude to sigh at people's faces; it's more rude to do it in front of a lady.
Reis had heard about their last exam results, and she have to admit it: Frigid got a perfect score again, while she's still stucked being with number two. (99,98% right and 0,02% wrong of the full course 400 numbers)

Caest, in the other hand, must satisfied with only 43%.
And THAT is exactly what makes him sigh every minute. Well of course he has the right to sigh, but still...

"Caest, stop it." said Reis again, for about the 30th times.
"No can do, I'm SCREWED." replied Caest, a cloud of bad mood surrounded him, and that made Reis feel guilty.
(SIghed) "Okay, if that pleases you." replied Reis sarcastically. "I can't see of anyone besides YOU who still concerned with Scores."
"I'm NOT. Okay?" Caest snarled. "By the way, since it's lunchbreak, where's my lunch box?"

Reis had been cooking for Caest ever since they met. Caest moaned about how his mom just couldn/t make an edible food and about how useless his kitchen may seem. Well, Reis agreed to help him ever since, and out of pity, she cooked him a lunch box everyday, until now.

"It's a tamagoyaki rice with additional cabbages..." Reis handed over a pretty lunch box, wrapped with a pink-coloured napkin. The napkin itself didn't seem too tawdry, and the lunch itself was still warm.

"WHAT??? Vegetables?? AGAIN??"
"You can't eat meat forever, can you?" said Reis while opening her own lunch box.
"But cabbage?? Puh-lease. This is CRAP!!"

BRAKK!!! Reis slammed her fist to the table.

It was her fault alright, but that is not good of a reason to call her hardwork making their lunch early this morning a 'crap'. She was having a bad day today and Caest EVEN made it worse. That. Is. Enough.
Reis walked away from the crowd that looked at them with an intrigued eyes. She walked away, feeling her pace that was speeding up as she walks, and went to her favourite place: the rooftop.

Sometimes, it might be simpler if you just tell us what do you want. thought Reis. She don't know why, but she's gotten a LOT more emotional today. Apologize you idiot!! It's not Caest's fault!! He always talks like that!! What's the matter with the 'calm' me????

As Reis tried to calm herself, she didn't realize that Caest approached her from behind. SO when he tapped his hand on Reis' shoulder, she jumped out of the blue and stared at Caest with angered face.
"What do you want??"
"Umm...apologize....I think?"
"Why do you want to apologize??"
"Because it's...my fault..?"
"Why do you think it was your fault?"
"C'mon Reis...it's not like you to mope around like this! Just get it over with!"

What I'm trying to explain is not how Reis could be so emotional sometimes, nor the way Caest could be so dense to consider the damage he inflicted was so lght so Reis could just 'get it over with'.
What I'm trying to tell you is what did they do next.

"Maybe you're right..." despite of Caest's dense mind, he is the Caest whom Reis cooked lunch for. He might be selfish and insensitive sometimes, but that is alright, as long as Caest stays as her friend.

At least,....that's what she think(s), always.

Selasa, 10 Februari 2009

Foolish (Part 1)

Okay, so this is the end.
At least, that's what Caest thought just a few seconds ago. He might be strong physically, but not when it comes to EXAMS.
Now I'm doomed. thought Caest again. Why does Frigid didn't even look at me??!

Across the room, where there was another seat, (a young man sit there, his eyes stared trough the paper as if there was nothing) Caest can be sure for whatever sake that Frigid WILL do his exam perfectly, as always.

DAMMIT!!! What should I do??

Sweats poured down easily as Ms.Lunar's steps went closer.
"Mr.Caest..? Have you done your exam already?" asked her.
LIKE HELL I HAVE!!! But surely I can't say that, not in front of her. "Almost," replied him. Almost easy as pie. Yea,right. Like pie can ease my troubles right no---WHAT THE???

Caest didn't realize that the time's almost up. What am I thinking??? This is no time to be joking around!!! C'mon you little head of minhe, BRAINSTORM!!!

But as expected, that didn't work. The bell rang innocently (Caest will make sure that the bell won't see another day) and freaked his mind, scattering every piece of his randomized thoughts.

"C'mon Mr.Caest, I know you're almost done about...five minutes ago..?" said Ms.Lunar.
"Yes, mam! Almost..." replied Caest, then he gave away his paper to the teacher. (Hoping that she will lose it and he could manage to redo the exam all over again...how ridiculous)

"Give it up, Caest.." said Reis, a classmate of his. She walked trough the spaces between students, and reached his place in an instant. "You can never beat Frigid, especially when it comes to a written exams.."

Caest sighed. "You're ABSOLUTELY right, Reis. And here I am, worrying that my head would fall off at any time...hhh"

"Fall off?? What are you? A new species, as result of prolonged hibernation??" asked Reis.
"I am, IF I passed that silly exam." replied Caest as he close his eyes.

Caest is actually pretty handsome, as prove, there's some junior classmen (classwomen to be precise) that sends him a love letter every week. It is troublesome but it can't be helped, since LOVE IS BLIND,DEAF,AND IRRATIONAL.

His charm actually come from his cheerful, yet calm face and his physical ability that surpass other, second only to Frigid. (Oh...of course that Frigid we're talking about IS ALSO handsome, I mean, It's not funny if I made a cold and cool character but with ancient face, right?-->read: jelek)

Caest, together with Frigid and Reis, is said to be the school's pride and joy, since Reis is also as charming as the other two, and smart in both ways: exams and strategy. The three of them were once friends, until Frigid suddenly separated himself a few month ago.

No one knows the reason, but one thing for sure: their adventures ahead is not of a normal journey!!

Jumat, 23 Januari 2009

Words of Nothingness (Msg from ME)

Thx for opening my blog.
Simply said, I'm just a freelancer novelist who really likes to write a fantasy novel.
I like to use my imaginations and mind. I like to develop them, making stories and whatever.

So, I would like to write about ANYTHING in this blog. Well, don't expect too much, coz my English is bad. =p

But I really hoped that you (whoever you are, you might be just another novelist, or maybe the new president elsewhere lol) would like my writing, even though the grammar (I'm sure of it) WILL be messed up a little...by me.

Happy Reading